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Buhari's Trip and Obama's Gay Crusade ~ US refuser to sell arms to Nigeria.

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"Gays deserve equal protection under the Law" ~ President Barack Obama

In the USA, they have a law (Leahy Law) which prohibits the US Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human right with impunity.

The US refuse to sell weapons to Nigeria was based on this Law. Although most Nigerians believes that the main reasons behind the refuser to sell arms to Nigeria was due to Nigeria's strict anti-gay law. They believe the American govermant is despiratly trying to encourage Gay and Marrage Equality.

So much so that a local political-blog headlines read "No Homo, No Ammo".

Even President Muhammadu Buhari can not deny the fact that the reason behind the rejection was due to the "evidence" his political party provided to the international community showing gross-misconduct in the operation of the Nigerian Armed Forces against the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Back in 2013, as the leader of the then opposition part (CPC), he criticised the tactics of the Nigerian government in combating Boko Haram. He suggested that the military was too

Boko Haram by carrying out summary execution instead of following the law (arresting, investigating and charging them to court for persecution). He totally ignored the saboteurs who held key position in government and uses their influence to free arrested Boko Haram suspects. Mostly referring to Mohammed Yusuf (Boko Haram leader); he lamented the destruction of terrorist (suspect) house and extra judiciary killings.

Fast-forward to 2015, President Buhari has changed his tone. Calling the human right abuses lavished against the Nigeria military as "allegations" that would be "investigated". He now agrees that the the military are not properly equip to fight Boko Haram terrorist group and solicited the assistance from both neighboring West African countries and America.

Soon after the news of the rejection became public, his spokesperson, Garba Shehu was quoted as saying US refuser to sell arms to Nigeria "aided and abetted" the onslaught of Boko Haram terrorist group in Nigeria.

These are the price we pay for playing politics.


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