Tuesday, June 19, 2012

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa's Reaction to Brett Murray ‘The Spear’

Recently a (white) South African Artist called Brett Murray made a portrait of his President with is manhood exposed! He organized a show at a Johannesburg art gallery call “Goodman Gallery”.  Well, the portrait is quit offensive and the president took offense saying he was hurt by it . Out of nowhere, a political party called ‘African National Congress’ (ANC) sue the artist and started a nation-wide campaign to punish this white man. They called him racist, his own people reacted too (that they are the racist playing the racist card because he is white) it all turned to a big media circus.

 The above is just a lazy cartoon I quickly sketched today. I intentionally exchange the word va*ginal.

The controversial portrait titled “The Spear’ was later defaced (with paint) by two guys (Barend La Carange who is white and Louis Mabokela who is black).

Am I the only one who feels this whole thing is pointless? Why didn’t Zuma just ignore the whole thing (after all there are even worst Photoshop images of president like Barak Obama, and George W. Bush online)? It was later discovered that a black artist (Ayanda Mabulu) made a similar painting 2 year earlier but no one even noticed!

The big question is: Was Jacob Zuma really hurt, and is Brett Murray a racist?
Does Murrays right or Freedom of Speech/expression overshadow Zumas right to privacy?... Well I don’t just give a 4k (not a single 4k!!!).

Anyway, the case has been dismissed, no, no, no; it hasn’t. They just had a out-of-court agreement, mtchwww.

South Africa, well-done for showing the world that your Black-White-skin-syndrome still persist.


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