Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joe Biden's Reaction To Al Shabaab's Bounty

Recently (31st May 2012) the US Department of State offered millions of dollars as ransom/reward for anyone who can give them information of the where-about of some top officals of the Somali's Islamist Militant Group; Al-Shabaab.

The very next day, the terrorist group also placed a bounty of 10 Camels as ransom for anyone who can give them information that could lead to the capture of President Barack Obama. They also offered 10 cocks & an additional 10 hens on the head of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Well,they totally bypassed Vice President Joe Biden (as if he didn't exist). So bounty-hunters cannot even get an egg as a reward for revealing the 'hide-out' of VP Joe Biden (which would have been different had it been that Dick Chaney was VP).

The terrorist leader; Khalaf Moh'd (who has a $3million bounty on his head) called Obama & Clinton 'names'.


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